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Birthday Room Decoration Ideas

Birthday Room Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for great birthday room decoration ideas to enhance the beauty of the house and decorate the walls and do not want to lose the budget, then Printgali can help you by decorating your room around Jaipur.

Birthday day is special for everyone. You do a lot to make your birthday special. For this, you make cakes, gifts, food and decorations very special.

The main happiness will bring when the room is well decorated so we share some amazing pictures as birthday room decoration ideas.

Top 3 Birthday room decoration ideas


If you are in love with someone Printgali help you to make your day special. You can express your feelings with our LOVE BLAST DECOR.
In this birthday room decoration ideas package, we decorate a wall with I love you foils balloons, 6 heart foil balloons, 2-star foil balloons (Silver or Golden), 100 red color balloons (not helium) & 1 fairy light.

Whiskey and Champagne Birthday Bash

If you have a great friend circle you can share your feelings with our WHISKEY & CHAMPAGNE Birthday Room Decoration Ideas. The beautiful room decoration will make the day joyful.

 In this decoration package, we decorate a room with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” foil balloon, 1 Happy Birthday Cake foil balloon, 4-star foil balloons, Whiskey & Champagne foil balloon, and 50 Silver & Golden color balloons & 1 fairy light. 


We get the most relaxed on birthday and if the room decoration is really creative and beautiful. Printgali has many birthday room decoration ideas for your bedroom at the best price one of them is Colorful Balloon Drama Decor

In this decoration package, we decorate the room with 200 colorful balloons. Around 40 to 50 balloons with ribbons are longing from the ceiling and some balloons are placed in the form of bunches and rest free-floating on the floor according to space. 

Final Words

In this way, you can do the best balloon birthday decoration in your house in a less expensive way. Relay to decoration Stay connected to Printgali. Hope you all love these 3 Birthday room decoration ideas.

If you lives in Jaipur and want to decor the room in a beautiful way you can contact us our worker will come to your location & make it perfect for you.


Dec 28, 2020 Posted by Admin