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8 Cool Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends

8 Cool Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends

On Diwali, people give gifts to their friends, which bring smile on their faces. Surely everyone likes to see this happiness, but the most difficult thing is to select the gift. You should not be worried about this; we have brought some useful Diwali gift ideas for friends.

So if you also want to sweeten your relationship with your friend on this Diwali, then you must also gifting them, so that this Diwali becomes even more special for both of you.

Diwali gift ideas for friends

On the other hand, there is a trend of exchanging lots of sweets and crackers, congratulating and giving gifts to each other. Gifts in Diwali are the best way to make the relationship sweeter. So Printgali provides you the list of Diwali gift ideas for friends below:-

Home Decor

home decor

Everyone wants to have good home decor items in their house which will help in enhancing the beauty of their home, its need increases even more in Diwali.

That's why you can give some nice home decor items as a gift to your friends this Diwali like

Personalized Table lamp

Personalized Caricature Gift

Personalized photo frame

Electronic Gadgets

personalized speaker

In today's new generation, technology has a very important role in our life, so how can one stay away from electronic gadgets. Now this is also a part of our life, which everyone needs.

In such a situation, you can make your friend happy in this Diwali by gifting them electronic gadgets, you can gift the following items Diwali gift ideas for friends such as

Personalized Speaker

Personalized Wooden Night Lamp

Personalized Coffee Mug

personalized mug

Personalized Coffee mug is a good Diwali gift ideas for friends to start their day well. Everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee. In such a situation, you can give a coffee mug to your friend. These days’ photos and 3-D printed designs are also made on coffee mugs which is best option for gifting.

Cushion Covers


Cushions are true companions of our loneliness. When we are happy we can play with them, when we are sad we can hug them and cry. You can gift personalised cushion cover to your friends on this Diwali. Whether at home or office, this cushion pillow gives comfort.

Photo Frame

personalized photo frame

Personalized photo frames are a very popular and low cost Diwali gift. This is also easily available in our website. With many good and new backgrounds, you can present yourself and your friends in a photo frames.

Table Lamp

table lamp

You can also give a personalized table lamp to your friend as Diwali gifts. This can prove to be a great Diwali gift ideas for friends who study till late at night. This lamp does not occupy much space on the study table. Also, the LED light in it neither pricks the eyes nor causes eye fatigue.

Table Clock

table clock

Table clock is best Diwali gift ideas for friends. You can also give a personalized table clock as a Diwali gift with the best wishes for a good time. Very beautiful to look at, this personalized table clock can be placed anywhere in the living room, bedroom or office. This battery operated watch does not make noise during time tracking and sweep movement.

Personalized Gold Finish Pen

personalized pen

Those who are fond of writing diary or poetry, shayari etc., it would be appropriate to gift a personalized pen on the Diwali. This classic golden ball pen from is stylish to look at and equally smooth to write. This pen comes with your name on it.

Wrapping Up

We hope that all of you have liked this article Diwali Gift Ideas for friends, if you have any kind of question with us, then you can ask us by connecting on our Facebook. Also, do share this article Diwali Gift Ideas on Social media.

Oct 07, 2021 Posted by Admin