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Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on 14th February. It is celebrated with great pomp in many parts of the world. There is no public holiday on this day, but people celebrate it in their own ways.

This day is to be celebrated with all those whom we love, even if it is a mother, father, friend, brother, or sister. By the way, to celebrate love does not require any special occasion, people celebrate it whenever they want, but this special day is for all those who are in love.

This is a festival of love, which every loving couple celebrates in their own way. It is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentin. It is said that if a boy proposes to a girl on this day, she does not refuse. On this day, the loving husband and wife give gifts to each other.

History of Valentine's Day

Although there are believed to be many reasons to celebrate it, there is no strong evidence of anyone. One reason is believed that around the 12th century, there was a ruler in Rome who did not allow any of his soldiers to marry; he believed that if humans get married, they are so busy with their family and children, that they do not join his army again.

The practice was opposed by Saint Valentin, he got a couple married, after which the king crucified Valentin on 14 February. When Valentin was in jail, he used to give him flowers and gifts as a love. Saint Valentin wrote a letter to the king's chief jailer before he died, and after dying told to give his eyes to his blind daughter. After this, this day of love started being celebrated in the memory of Valentin.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Gifts are very important on valentines; everyone spends according to their choice and status. But according to us, the importance of a gift is when given from the heart, the gift should not be compared with money.

Whether the gift is small or big, one must see the intention of the gift giver. If the gift is handmade, then it has different importance. Now let us give you some gift ideas today.

Gift Ideas for Him

Earlier, people did not understand what to give boys as gifts, there are very few options for boys because they use very few things. But now we have a lot of options, nowadays it is a period of customized gifts. You can get a photo printed on any item that they use, as well as get some written on it.

Customized Gift Options -

•Mobile Cover




•Greeting Cards


•Key Chain


•Cushion Covers


•The Coasters

•Power Bank

•Pen Drive

You can customize all these things and give the size of the photo of your choice. Some gifts are easily available on our website, which you can order from Printgali.

Gift Ideas for Her

Although there are many gifts for girls,but girls are happy to see the feelings of the person in front of the gift. It is very easy to buy goods from the market, but girls want to see how much time you have spent more than money.
By the way, boys are not so creative that they make things like scrapbooks, cards, but they can write a letter. Apart from this, customized gift variety is also available for girls; somethings are common for both boys and girls, which can be taken for both. A customized gift is also a good way of showing creativity, which also fulfills the need and is also good in appearance.

Customized Frames

•Teddy Bears


•Customized Locket

You can choose from the above list. Apart from these, clothes, accessories, perfume, diary, showpiece, watch can also be given as gift. You can give names in marble. If girls like flowers and chocolate, then definitely give this.

Final Words

Valentines is celebrated all over the world, in Asian countries, it started a few years ago.  Make Valentine's Day special for your loved one, give a gift, spend time with them.

Happy Gifting!!


Jan 18, 2021 Posted by Admin